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Wainuiomata River

The Wainuiomata River is located to the east of Wellington Harbour, where is rises from the Rimutaka Ranges and flows for 22 kilometres before discharging into the sea on Wellington’s south coast.  The river catchment provides water to four of Wellington’s main centres, and contributes to approximately 15 percent of the region’s water supply.

The Wainuiomata River supports a variety of recreational activities such as fishing, swimming, kayaking, and horse riding. It is also supports healthy populations of dwarf galaxias, a nationally threatened species of fish found in the upper reaches of the river.

Greater Wellington Regional Council monitors the environmental health of the river at two locations, and recreational quality at one site within the catchment. 

The Wainuiomata River is surrounded by native forest in its upper reaches. Here it is protected for water supply. The river flows through the urban area of Wainuiomata in its mid reaches and is surrounded by pastoral land in its lower reaches.  

The water quality of the Wainuiomata River is generally good from an environmental health perspective, although it is not always safe for swimming and can be affected by cyanobacteria (also known as 'toxic algae') during the summer months. The main pressures on water quality in this river are residential and agricultural discharge, as well as faecal contamination in the lower catchment.

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