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Many New Zealanders enjoy swimming and are fortunate to live within easy reach of lakes, rivers or coastal beaches.  

Councils monitor the water quality at popular swimming sites during the summer months.  LAWA shows the results from the weekly monitoring of indicator bacteria (E. coli  levels in lakes and rivers, and enterococci levels for coastal beaches) so you can see the latest data for swim sites in your area.  LAWA also provides the Overall Recreational Risk, calculated from the last three years of data collected over the summer season weekly monitoring.  This seasonal risk grade represents the Overall Recreational Risk of a site over the swimming season. 

Stay safe and please note that other swimming hazards may be present, such as strong currents, pollutants, underwater objects, toxic algae or jellyfish.  We recommend that you avoid swimming for 48 hours after heavy rainfall, and follow the advice on any signs or advisories that are in place.

More information can be found in our coastal and freshwater recreation monitoring factsheet, or check with your council for specific details on sites near you.