6 March 2020: Tank talk

Hello my fellow canines,

Great news – there was rain earlier in the week up on the Kapiti Coast, which resulted in a good flush of both the Otaki and Waikanae rivers.


All of our monitored sites are currently well below guidelines levels, meaning no toxic algae warnings on any rivers throughout the Wellington region – so let’s go swimming!

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT WHITBY LAKE: My human informants have noticed there is some planktonic (meaning it is free-floating in the water, not attached to rocks like we find in rivers) toxic algae in Whitby Lake. We strongly advise you do not swim in or drink from this lake.  

Remember toxic algae can return any time, so the best thing you can do to stay safe is to know what it looks like and avoid it – for more info check out www.gw.govt.nz/safeswim

Woof, Tank