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Waikanae River

The Waikanae River is located 50 kilometres north of Wellington on the Kāpiti Coast. The river flows from the Tararua Ranges and drains a total catchment area of 125 kilometres before discharging into the sea at Waikanae beach.

The river is a popular recreational spot for swimming, fishing, camping and dog walking. It is also used as a potable water supply for the Waikanae Township. 

Greater Wellington Regional Council monitors the environmental health of the river at four locations within the catchment, and recreational quality at two of these locations. 

The Waikanae River catchment is made up of 60 percent regenerating native bush and indigenous forest, with the other 40 percent pastoral land.

Environmental health and water quality in the Waikanae River is generally very good, although this river tends to have naturally elevated concentrations of phosphorus.

The main pressures affecting the water quality in the Waikanae River are from industrial wastewater discharges as well as low flows during the summer months, which may contribute to blooms of potentially toxic cyanobacteria.

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