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Porirua Stream

The Porirua Stream is located to the south of Te Awarua-o-Porirua Harbour. It flows in a northwesterly direction from the hills of Belmont Regional Park and discharges into Te Awarua-o-Porirua Harbour. 

The stream supports six species of native fish, which are longfin and shortfin eels, giant kōkopu, inanga, redfin and common bullies. However, The stream also exhibits many of the characteristics of an urban stream, including bank erosion, lack of riparian vegetation and channelisation.

Greater Wellington Regional Council carries out environmental monitoring at two sites in the Porirua Stream. Recreational water quality is not monitored.

The landuse surrounding the Porirua Stream is predominantly urban, with some pastoral land in the upper reaches of the catchment. This has led to poor water quality in parts of the stream.  

Pressures on stream water quality include urban stormwater and subdivision development, including the piping and filling of streams. The fact that this stream is fairly small may mean that it is affected more readily by pollution, as contaminants are not diluted as quickly as in larger rivers or streams.

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