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Pauatahanui Stream

The Pauatahanui Stream is the largest of six catchments discharging into Te Awarua-o-Porirua Harbour. The stream provides a habitat for a range of indigenous and threatened fish species, including the giant kōkopu, longfin eel, inanga and redfin bully. Species of lamprey, which are considered to be nationally vulnerable, have also been observed in the catchment.

Greater Wellington Regional Council carries out environmental monitoring at one site within the Pauahanui Stream catchment. Recreational water quality is not monitored.

Landuse in the catchment is largely used for low intensity farming. There is also some peri-urban development in the lower reaches. The main pressures affecting water quality in the Pauatahanui Stream catchment are rural and urban run-off from the surrounding land. The stream is relatively small and therefore affected more readily by pollution (i.e, pollutants are not diluted as quickly as they would be in larger streams or rivers).

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