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Ōtaki River

The Ōtaki River catchment is located to the northwest of the Kāpiti Coast District, just above Paraparaumu. The river  is one of  the largest to emerge from the Tararua Range, and flows in a westerly direction before discharging to the sea at Ōtaki Beach.

The Ōtaki River supports a range of ecological, recreational and cultural values. A wide variety of native fish species are supported by the river, which is recognised as a regionally important trout fishery.  Recreational activities such as rafting, swimming and angling are carried out along the stretch of the Ōtaki River. The river also holds many important values for Māori, particularly relating to mauri, waahi tapu and mahinga kai. Historical pā sites are dotted throughout the river's shores. 

Greater Wellington Regional Council carries out environmental monitoring at two sites, and recreational monitoring at one site in the lower reaches of the Ōtaki River.

The Ōtaki River catchment rises amoung native forests in the Tararua Ranges, before passing through pastoral land and urban areas in its mid to lower reaches.

Pressures on water quality include farming in the lower catchment, as well as urban stormwater and road run-off. Despite this, the Ōtaki River has excellent water quality throughout, including at its mouth.

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