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Awhea River

The Awhea River is located in the south eastern Wairarapa and flows in a southeasterly direction before discharging to the sea at Tora. 

The river is home to many native fish and bird species, including the banded dotteral, inanga and longfin eels. It also supports significant historical and cultural values. Pā sites have been recorded within close proximity to the Awhea River, with evidence of occupation dating back to 700 years ago.

Greater Wellington Regional Council monitor the environmental health at one location in the lower reaches of the Awhea River. Recreational water quality monitoring is not carried out in the river.

Pasture is the dominant landuse around the Awhea River catchment, and the edges of the estuary have been greatly modified by farming and grazing. However, other shrubby exotic species are present and a significant area of wetland exists near the river mouth.  

The geology in this area is largely soft sediments such as mudstone and siltstone, which causes the surrounding land to be prone to soil erosion. This results in high sediment loads being transported into the river and carried downstream to the estuary

The river is also naturally subjected to extended periods of low flow during summer, which can lead to high water temperatures. These conditions often lead to extensive growth of nuisance algae. 

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