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Waiarohia Stream

The Waiarohia Stream catchment is small (18 square km) and originates in the Pukenui Forest in Whangarei. The upper catchment is mainly native forest with some pine forest and the stream flows through a small area of low intensity farm land (mostly lifestyle blocks) before it reaches residential housing and the central business area of Whangarei.

The lower Waiarohia site is the only urban site in the Northland Regional Council's water quality monitoring network. The Waiarohia Stream is a cobbled stream which provides a good habitat for aquatic fauna.


This Whangarei Harbour catchment which includes the Waiarohia Stream has been designated a 'priority catchment' by Northland Regional Council through its Waiora Northland Water programme. For further information on Waiora Northland Water please refer to:

For further information on the Whangarei Harbour catchment specifically  please refer to:  

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