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Awanui River

The Victoria and Takahue rivers form the headwaters of the Awanui River and both begin in the Raetea Forest (Mangamuka Ranges). The Victoria River is approximately 20 km long and flows northwest, while the Takahue River flows north to where they both meet at Pamapuria, 8 km east of Kaitaia. The upper reaches of both rivers are dominated by native forest while the lower reaches flow through pastoral land.

From Pamapuria, the Awanui River meanders through predominately pastoral land through Kaitaia, then out into the Rangaunu Harbour. The Awanui catchment is approximately 637 square kilometres and is 34 km long. There are four sampling sites in the Awanui catchment.

The geology in the Victoria River is classified as volcanic acidic, which then changes to soft sedimentary in the mid to lower reaches of the Awanui River. The upper reaches of the Victoria River provide excellent habitat for aquatic life.

Water quality is good in the upper catchment with excellent water clarity and low nutrient levels. The Victoria River is a popular swimming site at the Raetea Forest Department of Conservation Reserve. The lower site in the catchment is degraded with elevated turbidity and nutrient levels.

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