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Lake Taharoa at Pump House

Lake Taharoa is Northland’s deepest lake with a maximum depth of 38 m and is the second largest lake (197 hectares). The lake was surrounded by pine trees until the trees were felled in late 2010. This lake is popular for boating, swimming and water skiing.

This site is part of Northland Regional Councils swimming water quality programme. For the latest results from this sampling please refer to Northland Regional Council's website.

Lake Taharoa is classified as oligotrophic with low levels of nutrients and algae. This lake has consistently low bacteria levels making it suitable for swimming. Lake Taharoa is ranked as having ‘Outstanding’ biodiversity as the lake is very clear and has the deepest recorded submerged vegetation in the North Island. The lake also contains nationally rare bird and fish species as well as freshwater crayfish and crabs.

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