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Tukituki River at SH2 bridge

The Tukituki River at SH 2 bridge is a popular trout fishing location, and is enjoyed by swimmers and other recreational users in the summer.  

The Tukituki catchment supports significant ecological values associated with the aquatic and riparian ecosystems, and significant habitats of indigenous fauna and flora. This has been a HBRC fresh water quality and ecology monitoring site since December 2012.  

The Tukituki catchment supports a regionally significant brown and rainbow trout fishery. The trout populations in the catchment are self sustaining. Angling is spread throughout the catchment, with the Tukituki River main stem, and a number of its tributaries, including the Waipawa and Tukipo Rivers, and the Makaretu and Mangaonuku Streams the most sought after fisheries. 

The Tukituki at SH2 Bridge site is a popular recreational site for many users.  Swimming and canoeing/kayaking are popular in the river, and jet boating during higher river flows.  

During summer low flow conditions the water quality at this site can be affected by the presence of nuisance algae.

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