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Hawke's Bay region

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Hawke’s Bay has superb coastal beach and river sites for swimming and water sports. 

The sites listed here are monitored weekly by Hawke’s Bay Regional Council environmental science staff for their suitability for swimming through a 20 week programme from the first week in November to mid March every summer.  We selected these sites by surveying the public about their favourite swimming spots, and measure against the national guidelines.

Based on long term water quality results the five best swimming spots in Hawke’s Bay are Mahanga, Waipatiki, Aramoana, Blackhead and Porangahau Beaches, and Tutaekuri River at the Expressway (Guppy Road).

All sites in Hawke’s Bay can experience lower water quality after heavy rainfall, and you are best to swim at a pool for at least 3 days after heavy rain.  If you are in water up to your knees and can still see your toes, then it’s good for swimming.

Monitored sites in the Hawke's Bay region

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