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Waikato region

Franklin at Hira Bhana No2

The Hira Bhana bore has a screened interval from 10 m to 13 m below ground. The groundwater level measured at this bore represents the state of the shallow aquifers in the Franklin area. The ground elevation of the bore is 75 m above sea level. The difference of the water levels reported at the Clearwood bore and Hira Bhana bore indicates the direction of recharge. If the Clearwood bore has a lower water level than the Hira Bhana bore, the recharge direction is towards the deep aquifer.

Bore Site Data
Scientific data for this bore site
  • Current water level
    Latest sample:
    Percentage of average level
    Very highOver 150%
    Normal to high100% - 150%
    Low to normal50% - 100%
    Very lowLess than 50%
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    • Last 6 months
    • Last 12 months
    Water level

    Key figures

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    Notable measurements

    Month/Year High Level (m)
    September 1996 74.27
    Month/Year Low Level (m)
    May 2005 71.05