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Piako River

The Piako River lies in the north east of the region. Its source is in the ranges west of Matamata and flows through the Hauraki Plains,
draining into the Firth of Thames. The Piako River main stem measures 101km in length, with about 2067km of tributaries. The catchment area is approximately 1480 square kilometres. The catchment consists of mostly flat to gently undulating topography, along with some areas being very steep to strongly rolling. The predominant vegetation of the catchment is pasture used for intensive dairy farming. 

The dominant underlying geology is alluvial, along with areas of tephra and peat with the world-ranked biodiversity site the Kopuatai peat dome in the lower reaches of this catchment.  These lower reaches of the catchment are extensively drained and canalled with pump stations and floodgates used as flood protection.

The sampling sites are spaced throughout the catchment but upstream of any tidal influence. The river flows through Morrinsville and Ngatea on its way to the Firth of Thames.

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