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Waimea River

Originating from the northwest Richmond Ranges the Wai-iti and Wairoa rivers combine near the settlement of Brightwater to form the Waimea River which flows into the Waimea Inlet on the south edge of Tasman Bay. The Waimea Inlet is the largest enclosed estuary in the South Island and is highly valued as a breeding area for seabirds.

Irrigation is heavily utilised on the Waimea Plains which can compound water restrictions during periods of very dry weather. The rivers feed the aquifers used by the Wakefield, Brightwater and Richmond water supplies – servicing a population of over 16,000 people.

With tension between existing supply and demand a project is currently underway with the aim of developing a medium sized dam in the Richmond Ranges to store winter rainfall for release in the drier months. The dam would form a 70 hectare lake in upper Lee Valley holding up to 13 billion litres of water.

The maximum consented daily water take from the Waimea catchment is 24,573 cubic metres.

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