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Upper Buller

The upper reaches of the Buller catchment make up the southern end of Tasman District. The Buller River is 177 km long, making it the 8th longest river in the South Island. It is fed by Lake Rotoroa and Lake Rotoiti in Nelson Lakes National Park and the Maruia and Matakitaki rivers.

The Buller catchment comprises a mixture of mountainous wilderness and cultivated river valleys used mostly for dairy farms and some forestry. Since 2001 the Buller Water Conservation Order has given additional protection to parts of the Buller catchment, and the Conservation Order was updated in 2008.

In October 2005 the invasive algae didymo was discovered in the Buller Riverand in May 2010 didymo was also discovered in the Maruia River.

The maximum consented daily water take from the Buller catchment is 750 cubic metres.
As this catchment has it's headwaters in the Tasman district and flows the sea from the West Coast region, further information can be found within the West Coast Regional Council portion of this site.

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