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The majority of the 573 square kilometres Aorere catchment comes from the northern end of Kahurangi National Park and flows to Golden Bay just north of the settlement of Collingwood. The catchment has a high annual rainfall of up to four metres and the river historically experiences dramatic rises in river flow and flooding.

Over 30 dairy farms make up 16% of the catchment's land area. About 80% of the catchment is protected land for conservation land of mostly native forest.

In 2004 marine farms close to the river mouth faced closure due to the levels of faecal bacteria in the water. The dairy farmers and local community responded by initiating the Aorere Catchment Project with support from Landcare Trust, the Sustainable Farming Fund and the Tasman District Council.

The Aorere Catchment Project successfully addressed the water quality issues through community-led changes in land and farm management. Marine farm harvests increased from 28% in 2002 to 79% in 2009 as a direct result of this action.

The maximum consented daily water take from the Aorere catchment is 400 cubic metres.

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