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Waingongoro River

With headwaters sourced on Taranaki Maunga, the Waingongoro is the longest river confined to the Taranaki ring plain. The river flows south from the Maunga, reaching the sea west of Hawera. The Waingongoro has high aesthetic, scenic and recreational values, is of special cultural value for Ngāruahine and Ngāti Ruanui Iwi, and supports an important Taranaki trout fishery. While the river drains predominately agricultural land throughout the catchment, there are also some industrial pressures in the mid-catchment.


River water quality in this catchment has been monitored since 1998. Ecological health has shown signs of significant improvement in the catchment since this time, especially at three Waingongoro River sites around Eltham.

Including Te Papakura o Taranaki, the Waingongoro catchment has a total of 1,219 km of stream bank. The Council’s database shows 67% of the stream banks in the catchment are planted in riparian vegetation with 4% stream banks located within Te Papakura o Taranaki and 63% of stream banks covered by a Council riparian management plan outside the park boundary. Further to this, 4% of stream banks are protected by riparian fencing within National Park while a further 87% of stream banks are fenced outside the park. There are stretches of stream bank that are both fenced and planted. Overall, 98% of the stream banks outside of Te Papakura o Taranaki are covered by riparian plans (October 2020).

For all recreational sites, the Council advises:

Avoid for three days after heavy rain, if the river is high, or if you cannot see the bottom clearly.


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