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Urenui River at Mouth

This very popular weekend and holiday site is used for swimming, boating, fishing, and picnicking.

For all sites, the Council advises :

Avoid for three days after heavy rain, if the river is high, or if you cannot see the bottom clearly.

Recreational bathing surveys over the last two summers showed that 92% (2017-2018) and 100% (2018-2019) of samples met the marine microbiological water quality guidelines prepared by the Ministry of Environment in conjunction with the Ministry of Health (MfE, 2003) and did not exceed the ‘Action’ level (two consecutive samples >280 enterococci/100mls). 

The State of the Environment technical report showing the freshwater recreational monitoring results for 2018-2019 is available at


Please note that the Taranaki Regional Council calculates the Overall Bacteria Risk (risk of bacterial infection from swimming) for each site based on the test results of bacteria samples collected during routine sampling events.  The test results of follow up samples are not included in the assessment of risk by the regional council.

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