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Punehu Stream

The Punehu Stream is a ringplain stream that is representative of a south-western Taranaki catchment subjected primarily to intensive agricultural land use with water quality potentially affected by diffuse source run-off and point-source discharges from dairy shed treatment pond systems. There are no industrial discharges in the catchment. The Punehu Stream holds special value for Taranaki and Ngāruahine Iwi.

The catchment has 70% agricultural land use with the rest native forest in the headwaters (within the National Park). Trends in ecological health showed significant improvement at both the upper and lower sites. Water quality is expected to improve in coming years as new riparian fencing and planting in the catchment becomes established.  

Including Egmont National Park, the Punehu catchment has a total of 214 km of stream bank. 57% of the stream banks have riparian vegetation that is either covered by a Taranaki Regional Council riparian management plan (40%) or within the National Park (17%). 74% of stream banks are protected by riparian fencing outside of Egmont National Park and another 17% are protected within the Park. There are stretches of stream bank that are both fenced and planted.

100% of the stream banks outside of Egmont National Park are covered by riparian plans (June 2017).

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