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Hangatahua (Stony) River

The Hangatahua (Stony) River was protected in its natural state by New Zealand’s first Local Conservation Order in 1985, and the Order’s provisions are now embodied in the Regional Freshwater Plan for Taranaki. It holds special value for the Taranaki Iwi.  Ecological health has been stable over time in the Stony catchment, although subject to short-term impacts due to erosion events at the mountain.  

Including Egmont National Park, the Hangatahua (Stony) catchment has a total of 294 km of stream bank. 82% of the stream banks have riparian vegetation that is either covered by a Taranaki Regional Council riparian management plan (10%) or within the National Park (72%). 18% of stream banks are protected by riparian fencing outside of Egmont National Park and another 72% are protected within the Park. There are stretches of stream bank that are both fenced and planted.

74% of the stream banks outside of Egmont National Park are covered by riparian plans (June 2017).


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