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Tūtaekurī River at Expressway Bridge

One of Hawke's Bay's 'Top 5' water quality sites, this is a deservedly popular swimming spot.  It is within easy access of Taradale and Napier, the Expressway and the Hawke's Bay Trails cycle trail.   

Vehicle access is via Guppy Road but the gates are locked at night. 

At Taradale the Tūtaekurī River valley has widened and flattened, and the river is semi-braided. Landuse is dominated by vineyards and orchards, with typical dry stock farming in the surrounding hills. The suburb of Taradale is located behind stopbanks.  There is a restoration programme downstream at the Waitangi Estuary.

The Tūtaekurī catchment supports a regionally significant brown and rainbow trout fishery. The angling activity is spread throughout the catchment, with the Tūtaekurī main stem the most sought after fishery. The trout populations in the catchment are self sustaining, with trout spawning occurring in a number of tributaries.

Recreational activities, such as swimming canoeing/kayaking and fishing occur throughout the catchment, and the lower reaches have Hawke's Bay Trail routes along stopbanks. The Tūtaekurī catchment also supports significant ecological values associated with the aquatic and riparian ecosystems and significant habitats of indigenous fauna and flora.

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