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Pareora River at Pareora Huts

This site on the Pareora River is located at Parerora Huts, a small hut community beside the hill-fed stream. 

*Scientific Data Update: Due to an error in data being displayed for this site, scientific data has been temporarily removed. For urgent information please contact Environment Canterbury's Customer Service.

This site is popular for fishing and swimming with access via a stopbank past the huts. Suitable for walking along the stopbanks. Riparian vegetation is primarily exotic species. 

Water quality at this site is influenced by the surrounding semi-intensive farms. During the summer months, potentially toxic cyanobacteria mats may pose a public health risk at this site. For up to date warnings visit

Live Data
Automatic 'live data' sampling

Some sites have telemetry monitoring systems in place that can provide up to the minute data. At this site the following live data measurements are available. Click on the data type for more information.


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