NIWA fast-tracking sample testing – Lake Taupō

NIWA is fast-tracking analysis of samples collected from potentially toxic algae-affected sites at Lake Taupō, with results expected on Friday.


Waikato Regional Council staff returned to Hamilton this afternoon with the samples they began collecting at first light today, after choppy water hampered yesterday’s efforts.

The samples are being tested by NIWA to determine if there is a risk to humans and animals.

The results will be analysed by Waikato Regional Council scientists and shared with the Medical Officer of Health, and publicly released as soon as possible after that.

To keep up-to-date with the latest information on the Lake Taupō algal bloom response, please visit www.waikatoregion.govt.nz/lake-taupo-algal-blooms(external link).

Algae occur naturally in our rivers, lakes and streams, flourishing during hot and calm conditions. Most algae present in waterways are harmless, but high levels of blue-green algae blooms may be potentially toxic and a risk to the health of people and animals.

Members of the public who notice algal blooms in other areas can report them to the Waikato Regional Council on 0800 800 401. More information is available by visiting waikatoregion.govt.nz.  

For health advice, people should call Healthline on 0800 611 116.  For advice on drinking water and beach access call the Taupō District Council on 0800 ASK TDC (0800 275 832).