River of the Month - Ngatimoti School

This month's featured water way is the Ngatimoti Stream, a tributary of the Moteuka River, and one which the students of Ngatimoti Primary are helping to protect. 

Ngatimoti school is a small rural school of 82 children, located 20kms from Motueka. The school overlooks Kahurangi National Park and is within walking distance of the beautiful Motueka River.

The school has been an active participant of the enviroschool programme since 2002 and has adopted the Ngatimoti School as a hands on teaching tool for the students to learn about the natural environment, ecosystems and diversity. 

Want to improve water quality near you? 

Water quality is the responsibility of all of us. We  can all help improve the health of our rivers. Read our factsheet to find out more about what you can do to at home or  contact your regional council to see what community projects are underway in your region.  

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