Proposed Waianakarua River management strategy

The Otago Regional Council (ORC) is developing a river management strategy for the Waianakarua River.

The ORC is leading the development of a River Management Strategy for the Waianakarua River. The strategy will guide decisions on the style, scale, location and type of activities that occur in and adjacent to the river channels, and will identify the respective roles of landholders, ORC and other stakeholders.

A public consultation process will occur between 27 April and 19 May 2017 to present this initial work, and to allow for further feedback and comments to help develop the strategy.

It is intended that the strategy will be finalised and publicly available mid 2017. From then on it will be a guide for decision-making related to activities in the channel and on the riparian margins of the Waianakarua.

Proposed Waianakarua River Management Strategy - Information Sheet April 2017 (1 MB)

Waianakarua River Morphology and Riparian Management Strategy (5 MB)

Public Consultation

Public consultation is planned for 27 April – 19 May 2017, to allow all interested persons to identify which elements of the river system they value, comment on the various methods available to manage the rivers’ channel and margins, and ask questions of ORC Operations and Hazards staff. This information will be incorporated into the proposed Waianakarua River Management Strategy.

To provide us with feedback you can: