2021 River Awards: $10,000 cash prize for ‘Catchment With Most Progress Toward River Health’ Award

Do you know someone who is doing great things in the freshwater space?

The Cawthron New Zealand River Awards celebrate the efforts and achievements of people who are committed to improving freshwater health. This year a $10,000 cash prize is being offered for the 'Catchment With Most Progress Toward River Health'. To put in an entry for this Award or find out more, check out this page on the Cawthron website.  Entries close 30 July 2021.

See the recent news item about the awards here.  

FAQ:  Questions to date have centred on whether entrants have enough monitoring data. In most cases, the answer is ‘yes’. People can contact Elizabeth Green at comms@cawthron.org.nz. As this is the first year there has been an entry process, Cawthron are very happy to assist people with their entries.