Choose swimming spots wisely

With summer officially here, Horizons Regional Council is reminding people to make wise swimming spot choices when near cliffs over the hot months.

This week Horizons staff have checked warning signs at two popular swimming spots, Pohangina at Totara Reserve and Manawatu River at ANZAC Cliffs, to ensure swimmers are aware of cliff hazards.

“While there are numerous swimming spots near cliffs throughout the Region, these two spots are recognised for their popularity and a history of cliff disturbance,” says group manager catchment operations Allan Cook.

“While the cliffs are generally stable, there is an ever present danger of collapse and often that happens without any warning. For this reason we recommend people choose swimming spots away from cliffs when they can, and when not, to keep as much distance between themselves and the cliffs as possible.”

Other hazards swimmers should watch out for include sunken logs, rocks and over hanging trees. Swimmers should also look out for musty smelling, black slimy mat-like algae known as blue-green algae.