Wetland Demo Site Opens

A wetland enhancement near Takapau township in Central Hawke's Bay has been established as a demonstration wetland for farmers and the wider community.

A wetland enhancement near Takapau township was formally opened today (Thursday 28 June) as a demonstration wetland for farmers and the wider community.

The wetland on David and Gladys Hunt’s Hilldale Farm on the Takapau-Ormodville Road has been enhanced through the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council ‘hot spot’ funding.

Hawke’s Bay Regional Councillor Debbie Hewitt attended the opening, along with the Mayor Alex Walker and Councillors from Central Hawke’s Bay District Council.

Farmers in the district are aiming to reach new water quality targets in the Tukituki catchment.  For many of these farmers, the enhancement of boggy and swampy areas or streams on their farms could contribute to reaching these targets.

The newly named Hunt Family Wetland is an area of swampy ground in the bend of the former roadway. 

As it’s near a main road and has good access, it is an ideal spot to demonstrate on-farm wetland planting. 

“Boggy and swampy areas of land can be found on many farms, and with a bit of effort they can become a wetland asset and a useful on-farm tool for improving water quality, removing nutrients, improving biodiversity and enhancing the farm property, “ says HBRC Land Management Advisor Joanne Hales, who has led this ‘hot spot’ planting.

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council developed a plan for the enhancement planting and about 4,000 plants were planted by the HBPM Ltd contractor team.  Some planting has also been done by the Hunt family.

“Because it’s been very wet and muddy, planting has been slow going, but the plants have been selected for these conditions and should do well,” says Joanne Hales.