First time for no PM10 Exceedances in Hastings in June

The monthly state of environment report for June is now online.  And for the first time since 2006 (when continuous monitoring began) there were no exceedances of the PM10 standard in June in Hastings.

June won’t go down in history as particularly memorable and, truth be known, it was a yawn-fest. There were no dramas.  No out of season heat waves (I wish), no mammoth snowfalls or impressive frosts.  

Report summary is available online here.

Rainfall was below normal across the region but because weekends were often manky, it felt like it rained all month.

Groundwater and soil moisture lay comatose at May levels, while some river flows shuffled into the below normal category.

I’m being overly harsh on mundane June because it was outstanding for two reasons. First, daytime temperatures were earth shatteringly boring, i.e. they were exactly average. Second, for the first time EVER (since 2006 when continuous monitoring began) we had no exceedances of the PM10 standard in June in Hastings!

Kathleen Kozyniak, Principal Scientist Climate & Air