Whau River key research site for microplastics and contaminants

Two major long-term scientific studies have chosen the Whau River in Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland as a research site for work underway to help better understand the risk to our waterways posed by microplastics and contaminants.

One study looks at the effects of emerging organic contaminants (EOCs) which are natural or manufactured chemicals often found in common household and personal care products, medicines and agrichemicals.

It aims to identify which EOCs are most prevalent in our waterways and the risks these pose to both human health and the health of ecosystems.

The other study is part of a national research programme to investigate the threat microplastics (pieces of plastic less than 5mm in size) pose to New Zealand’s ecosystems, animals and people.

See the recent news item at Our Auckland and learn more about the Emerging Organic Contaminants study on the Cawthron Institute website here and the Aotearoa Impacts and Mitigations of Microplastics study on the Environmental Scientific Research website here.