Lab at the Lake

02 Apr 2017, 10:00am - 1:00pm Pembroke Park, (Market Corner), Wanaka Otago

Co-hosted with Catchments Otago, Lab at the Lake is a family fun day, perfect for anyone who loves their lakes. From water quality monitoring to the research into the lake snow, there will be plenty to learn and lots to do!

The event will feature Lab-in-a-Box, the fun, mobile science laboratory in a shipping container. This awesome roving classroom will highlight the life in the lakes, so you can get up close and personal with lake snow, didymo, fish and insects. You can check out the Lab-in-a-Box website here - https://labinabox.nz/  .

There will also be a marquee full of other fun activities and displays, including:

⦁   Face Painting (fish face and fish fingers!)
⦁   Photobooth - 'Dress up like a freshwater scientist!'
⦁   Water Quality
⦁   Lake Monitoring
⦁   Mahu Whenua
⦁   LAWA (Land Air Water Aotearoa)
⦁   Good Water in Otago
⦁   Check Clean Dry

See you there!


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