Proposed Plan 5C Manuherikia Catchement - Drop-in sessions

23 - 25 Aug 2016, 1:00pm-8:00pm Omakau, Oturehua and Alexandra Otago

We are seeking feedback from the community to inform the development of a plan change to the Regional Plan: Water for Otago to set these flows and limits for groundwater in the Manuherikia Catchment. This will apply to the Manuherikia River, its tributaries (smaller streams that flow in to the river), and the aquifers (groundwater) that are connected to them.


There will be four stages of public consultation where you can provide feedback on the development of the proposed plan change.


The first stage of consultation will be informal drop-in sessions where you can come along and have your say.


Drop-in sessions will be held at:


Omakau Community Centre, Wilson Street, Omakau
Tuesday 23 August 2016, 1.00pm — 3.00pm & 6.30pm – 8.00pm


Oturehua Hall, Ida Valley-Omakau Road
Wednesday 24 August 2016, 1.00pm — 3.00pm & 6.30pm – 8.00pm


The Cellar Door, 143 Centennial Avenue, Alexandra
Thursday 25 August 2016, 1.00pm — 3.00pm & 6.30pm – 8.00pm


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