Possible wastewater contamination in the lower end of the Hutt River

Yesterday (Tuesday 10 October) Wellington Water identified a surcharging wastewater manhole behind Lillian Street that was overflowing into the Belmont Stream.

The blockage was immediately traced and cleared and the surcharge into the stream ceased. Warning signs have been erected where the public have access to the stream (at the bottom of Speedy's Reserve).

The Belmont Stream flows into the Hutt River upstream of the Melling Bridge. Wellington Water also did a reconnaissance around the Belmont Stream confluence with the Hutt River - no solids (wastewater solids) were evident in the river. 

Testing for bacterial contamination has been initiated and will continue for the next three days (until Friday 13 October). 

WE ADVISE NO SWIMMING in these areas until 6pm Thursday 12 October 2023