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Peachgrove Road

The Peachgrove Road site was established in November 1997 as the main PM10 monitoring station which also included meteorological data. From February 2003, benzene was also monitored. The PM10 monitoring station was decommissioned in October 2013 but benzene continues to be monitored at this location.

The Peachgrove Road site is approximately 80m north of the intersection of Peachgrove and Ruakura roads. From November 1997 to October 2013 Hamilton’s main PM10 monitoring station was on a property here owned by Mighty River Power. A TEOM was used to monitor PM10 (with gravimetric correction of the data) and meteorological data was also collected. The monitoring station was removed in October 2013 due to the sale of the property. A Countdown supermarket is now here. NOx, CO and O3 have all been monitored for short term survey periods. Results of this monitoring are available from Waikato Regional Council on request. Since February 2003, benzene, ethyl-benzene, toluene and xylenes (BTEX) have been monitored on a 3 monthly basis using passive 3M desorption badges on the roadside next to the decomissioned PM10 monitoring station.

Scientific Indicators
Scientific data for this site

This dashboard shows information on the data collected by the regional councils for air quality scientific indicators: