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Kaupokonui River at Beach Domain

The site is located in the lower reach of the river near the mouth and is tidal.

The site is adjacent to a camping ground and is used for swimming, fishing, whitebaiting (in season) and picnicking. 

Please note that water quality can change depending on weather. Don't swim if the water is murky or smells unpleasant. Taranaki Regional Council advises not to swim within three days of heavy or prolonged rainfall, even at sites that usually have good water quality.

Recreational bathing surveys over the last two summers showed that 77% (2018-2019) and 95% (2019-2020) of samples met the freshwater microbiological water quality guidelines prepared by the Ministry of Environment in conjunction with the Ministry of Health (MfE, 2003) and did not exceed the ‘Action’ level (>550 E.coli cfu/100mls).

The State of the Environment technical report showing the freshwater recreational monitoring results for is available at



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