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PIHMS New Plymouth

The monitoring site was initiated to assess the impact of increased traffic movement on air quality due to expansion of commercial premises in Bell Block.

The monitoring site was located at the premises of the Pacific International Hotel Management School (PIHMS) situated next to Bell Block bypass. Ambient PM10 monitoring was conducted using a portable data longging TSI 'DustTrak DRX' over a two month period from January to March 2014. The monitoring results was incorporated with traffic data provided by the New Zealand Transport Agency. The data was collected on SH3 at Egmont Road.

Scientific Indicators
Scientific data for this site

This dashboard shows the latest results for air quality indicators collected by regional councils and unitary authorities.  Indicators are shown against the National Environmental Standards for Air Quality (NES-AQ).  Where no national standards exist for the air quality measurements shown, the data are compared against other guidelines (e.g. World Health Organization (WHO) 2021 guidelines, Ambient Air Quality Guidelines (AAQG)).  

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