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Waiau River

The Waiau River catchment lies on the eastern edge of Fiordland, and is Southland’s largest catchment. The Waiau drains Lake Te Anau into Lake Manapouri, from where electricity is hydro generated. This deep river then flows down to the sea, through Tuatapere, at Te Waewae Bay. Its major tributary is the Mararoa River. The Waiau catchment contains a large number of lakes, and is the least developed of the four major catchments.

The Waiau catchment has been developed for hydro-electric power generation, with the Manapouri Hydro-Electric Power Scheme operating on the western arm of Lake Manapouri, resulting in the diversion of up to 90% of the flow in the catchment. The Waiau and Mararoa Rivers are often subject to extensive algal growths and at times blooms of the invasive Didymo.

Both rainbow and brown trout are present. There are sea run fish in the lower section below the Tuatapere Bridge.

During the summer there is weekly monitoring at some sites. See the Environment Southland website for details.

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