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Pourakino River

Pourakino River, Southland.

The Pourakino is a silent river,
A river of dark secrets, ancient lore;
With its strange Maori legends whispered never,
Unless at midnight to the dark-washed shore.
Its waters are as black as native demons,
It twists their antics as it crawls along
With hobbling gait; it dances alien hakas,
It seems to be weighed down by some great wrong.
Yet through the seasons it is comforted
By tree-ferns telling it their greenest tale;
By rimus red, and silver beeches swaying
A rhythmic measure which should never fail.
And close beside its ears so cold with hate,
The crepe ferns voice their lyrics delicate.

The New Zealand Railways Magazine, Volume 8, Issue 7 (November 1, 1933)

The Pourakino River flows into Jacob's River Estuary at Riverton, and is well known for it's trout fishing.

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