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Trotters Creek

Trotters Creek in North Otago has a catchment area of approximately 32 km2 extends for approximately 12 km. Trotters Creek drains the Horse Range, the upper Trotters Creek catchment is made up of a mixture of tussock and forest, while the lower reaches are dominated by pastoral farming.


Trotters Creek area is protected from south and southwest weather patterns by the Horse Range. It is affected by cool north-easterly sea breezes and has an average annual rainfall of 628 mm/yr. Shelter from northwest winds also means that evapo-transpiration is lower than on the more open valleys and plains further north. 

Original vegetation of the catchment consisted of snow tussock, manuka and other native bush. The native plant population has been modified with the spread of introduced plants, clearance and over-sowing of introduced pasture grasses. A large area of the
catchment is also used for forestry.

Sedimentary rock dominates Trotters Gorge, creating spectacular cliffs and bluffs. The soils overlying the rock formations are thin and when natural vegetation is disturbed the steep slopes are very susceptible to erosion during heavy rain. 

The lower section of river experiences seasonal runs of sea trout which are targeted by some anglers.

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