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Lake Hayes at Mill Creek Shallows

This swimming site was suitable for swimming on most of the occasions sampled over the last five years and all of occasions over the last two years. However, with many ducks congregating around the shore, their duck poop has found to be the main cause of an increase in bacteria. Particularly on windy days, when the sand/sediment is stirred up in the water which contributes to a higher bacteria count. The other source of bacteria is ruminant (sheep/cows) which enter the lake via Mill Creek and may carry higher bacterial concentrations after heavy rainfall.

Lake Hayes is a small lake in the Wakatipu Basin in Central Otago, in New Zealand's South Island. It is located close to the towns of Arrowtown and Queenstown.

The southern end of the lake is close to State Highway 6, while the western side is bordered by Slope Hill. The main area for access to the lake is the northern end which has a large, grassed area for recreation activities.

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