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Northland region


Arguably, Northland's most stunning natural feature is its coastline and harbours.  From the wild west coast to the secluded sandy beaches and coves of the east coast, Northland has a diverse coastline with 10 harbours, two marine reserves and many beautiful beaches.

The programme is a joint project between the council, the Northland District Health Board and the three district councils. Water samples are collected once a week between November and February from these sites and analysed for faecal indicator bacteria. In open coastal locations, levels of Enterococci bacteria are measured. In enclosed coastal locations where bacteria may be naturally occurring, levels of faecal coliforms are also measured.

At the end of the sampling week, each site is given a grading based on its suitability for swimming. At the end of the sampling season each site is given an overall grading based on the number of samples that were considered ‘suitable' or ‘unsuitable' during the season. This provides the public with an indication of how suitable a site is for swimming outside of the monitoring period.


Monitored beaches in the Northland region

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