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Marlborough region


With a low population and an extremely long coastline it is easy to find a secluded location to swim or recreate in Marlborough.  The sheltered bays of the Marlborough Sounds provide safe swimming for people of all ages.  Whites Bay located at the Northern end of Cloudy Bay is Marlborough’s largest and most popular sandy beach.

Coastal water quality monitoring is carried out at a selection of the region's most popular coastal swimming sites between November and March each year.  Each site is given a suitability for swimming grading based on the weekly monitoring results. At the end of the sampling season each site is given an overall grading based on the number of samples that were considered ‘suitable' or ‘unsuitable' during the season. This provides the public with an indication of how suitable a site is for swimming outside of the monitoring period.


Monitored beaches in the Marlborough region

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