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The Turakina catchment encompasses the Turakina and Mangapapa Rivers and covers an area of 962 square kilometres. It has been identified as a Site of Significance - Aquatic for the native redfin bully as well as a Site of Significance - Riparian for gravel, sand (habitat for dotterel), mud/silt habitats and its estuarine environment. It is also valued for its mauri, aesthetics and recreational opportunities. 

The Turakina River generally flows southward from its source south of Waiouru, reaching the sea 20 kilometres south of Wanganui. The Mangapapa River rises near the remote settlement of Mangapapa, northwest of Mangaweka. It flows westward through hilly farmland to meet the Turakina River and has a 12 metre waterfall along its lower reaches. Sheep and/or beef farming is the dominant land use in this catchment at 81.1 per cent. Native cover accounts for 8.5 per cent of land use, with 7.2 per cent under exotic cover. The major urban area is Ratana with a population of 369. Horizons monitors one state of the environment and three discharge sites within the Turakina catchment.

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