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Ōhau at Kimberley Reserve

Kimberley Reserve is a recreational reserve and camping ground managed by Horowhenua District Council. It is extremely popular during the summer holiday period as a camping and picnicing destination.

 Water quality is generally high, however, rainfall events can cause runoff from farmland upstream and cause short term drops in water quality. As such it is recommended to avoid contact recreation during and immediately after rainfall events until the water is clear. 

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Automatic 'live data' sampling

Some sites have telemetry monitoring systems in place that can provide up to the minute data. At this site the following live data measurements are available. Click on the data type for more information.

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    What is this graph showing me?

    The live flow estimate for this site.

    Live data has not been checked for accuracy before displaying. To give you an idea about how much water that is, 0.7 cumecs (m3/sec) would fill an Olympic swimming pool in an hour. A flow of 42 cumecs (m3/sec) would fill the same pool in a minute.


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