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Lake Horowhenua

Lake Horowhenua is a shallow, coastal dune lake on the west coast of the North Island. It has a single outflow to the sea, the Hokio Stream, and receives water from several streams, drains and groundwater. It covers an area of 3.9 square kilometres and was once surrounded by podocarp forest.


The Lake holds great cultural and regional significance. However, it has been identified as being in poor health, with declining water quality. It is a priority zone for nutrient management in the One Plan and is recognised as being fully allocated for water use. Horizons has undertaken a range of science and monitoring work to determine the current state and actions for remediation and, in 2013, an Accord was signed between five parties to develop a long-term vision to restore the Lake and its fishery.

Some sites are monitored weekly during the summer. Check the Horizons website for more details.

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