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Rangitīkei at Kākāriki

This site was monitored by NIWA up until November 2015 and is one of the original National River Water Quality Network (NRWQN) sites dating back to 1989. 

This monitoring site is located on the Rangitīkei River at the Kākāriki Road bridge between State Highway 1 and Halcombe. This site was added to Horizons contact recreation monitoring programme for the 2016/2017 bathing season.

 Located on the lower reaches of the Rangitikei River, the area in the vicinity of the site is a regionally significant trout fishery.

The catchment comprises bush, tussock and grassed farmland, with a little forestry. There has been minimal land use change since the inception of the NRWQN. Rafting activities have slightly increased. The headwaters of a significant tributary have been partially diverted throughout the whole period, but would have minimal impact at Kakariki.

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