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Ōroua River at Timona Park

This popular recreational spot is found on the eastern side of Feilding. There are multiple access points to the Ōroua River from the road bordering the sports park. 


There are good facilities at the park including a childrens' playground, toilets and rubbish bins. 

Water quality at Timona Park is suitable for swimming when the water looks clean and clear. Care should be taken after recent rain, because rain washes bacteria and sediment off roads, plants and land into water which increases the health-risk and makes it look murky. Good news is that once the rain stops and the turbidity has cleared, it should be ok to use the spot for swimming again.

Potentially toxic blue-green slime mats on rocks have been observed at Timona Park previously. The mats look glossy black and have a strong musty/earthy smell. They tend to be present when water temperatures are warm and there has been two weeks or more of low river flows. If you see them it is best to avoid swimming and keep dogs away from the river.

This beach grading is an interim grading based  on four years (100 data points) of monitoring at this swimming spot site.  There is a strong relationship between recent rain and elevated E. coli concentrations.  This means swimmer health-risk can be reliably predicted.  There are no known point source discharges directly affecting the site.  This site has a large catchment upstream with significant agricultural use.

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