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Tukituki at Black Bridge (Haumoana)

The Tukituki at Black Bridge (Mill Road, Haumoana) is popular for swimming in summer and for whitebaiting during the season and fishing. The Hawke’s Bay Trails cycle trail goes along the stopbank and grassy flat areas are used for picnicking.  

The  large river catchment drains the Ruataniwha Plains area in Central Hawke's Bay right down past Te Mata Peak to the coast. The catchment is largely in pastoral agriculture, horticulture and viticulture.  The river enters an estuarine environment at Haumoana.

As well as being monitored for suitability for swimming it is monitored separately for fresh water quality & ecology. However as this is a saline part of the river, interpretation of the ecological data may be affected by salt water.   

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